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CR Backup Admin:
We are now requiring membership approval of each new member.  The reason for this is the 400 new account signups by spam robots each day. 

Approvals usually take as day or less to complete.

We are weeding out the spam accounts, but that will take time.

We will not approve membership if the account name looks like a advertisement, is a e-mail address, or just sounds phoney,  It is definitely better if a account name has some recognizable link to photography.

April 1st... was 6 weeks ago... but cool if that is indeed what yall are doing. 

Hobby Shooter:
Makes sense, will you leave a message box for the person applying say something about him/herself?

Well, as an already registered user I don't mind this, but why are you not implementing a Q&A process? Ask a specific question during the sign-up and tell the users that the answer is on your help site and not on the register page. Anybody answering that question correctly will have been a human and not a bot. Should weed out quite a bit of the bots. (Got rid of 99.99% of all SPAM accounts on my two forums)

You could get creative with the sign-up page, lets say for example that there was an image (pulled between 6-7 different ones) with a simple field such as "what type of photography is this" and the answer rotating between landscape, portrait or sports, Sounds dumb enough that it might actually work.


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