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Two New PowerShot Cameras Leaked

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Canon Rumors:
New S200 and SuperZoom

Two new Canon PowerShot cameras have been leaked. One is the PowerShot S200 and the other looks to be a compact superzoom.
There are no confirmed specs for either camera.
New PowerShots are expected sometime in May/June.

Source: [DCI]

So the thing Canon needed to upgrade, the lens, is no different then the S100.  The camera also looks much more slippery then my S100.  I'm guessing the sensor is the same and the only upgrade will be the digic 6 processor which will be of no help because you'll shot in raw.

East Wind Photography:

Mt Spokane Photography:
I returned my SX50 because my hands were too big,  I'm curious about the replacement.  I'd like to see touch screen,  wifi and GPS.  Touch screen and GPS might even convince me to try again once the initial price drops.  I think I can operate a touch screen with my big fingers better than the tiny controls.

When I had a Fuji point and shoot... I wanted a Canon point and shoot to upgrade to... but now that I have a Canon SLR... I seriously could care less.  I have my crappy phone camera if I need to take a photo and I forgot my SD card or battery... 

But good for those who still have other brands... I'm sure these will be just fine.


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