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Author Topic: It annoys me when camera phones try to take credit for professional level gear.  (Read 12106 times)


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It does S___ me blind when people compare camera phones to pro gear stating categorically that they are just as good.
Take a look at the "no 7D2 in 2013" thread..... I posted pictures of the moon from a 60d and from an iPod to end a ridiculous "gear does not matter" debate. Although phones can take great pictures, particularly in the right conditions, once it gets a bit more challenging there is no substitute for a "real" camera.

Humorous post sure, but you didn't get close enough with the ipod.  ;)

Instagram is a decent app for faking DOF, but it always just has that look of an overlay.

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It would be equivalent to test driving a Honda Civic that the dealership secretly installed a Corvette engine in, then sending you home in a regular one without letting you know.

I'd buy one of THOSE!!!



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 my wife baited and switched me.   and I know the quality of phones won't rival an slr,  but it does bother me when advertisers assume the customer is dumb.  I  object to selling stuff at $99.99  because it seems like a smaller amount than $100. 
Upgrade  path.->means the former was sold for the latter.

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iPhone 5 commercials are also fond of showing photos that take up the whole iPhone 5 screen. But when you take pictures on the phone they do not fill up that large screen...

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the photoshopper got the reflection angle in the glass completely wrong on the second image (Sony). That's the kind of stuff that drives me crazy.

Set a product at the same angle on a reflective surface, and you'll find the reflection goes in the opposite direction they show. That's just lazy.

Hmm, I read it as the phone is sitting perpendicular to the surface, and the whole image is just tilted.  Maybe because it didn't make sense any other way.

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