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Volcanoes...with Canon EOS 1Dx and 5D III

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I was at Eoliennes Isles a few week ago. I visited Volcano, Stromboli and Etna.
For me, I'am first contact with volcanoes and I like it....

Camera EOS 1Dx, 5d III. Lens TSE-17mm f/4 L, EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II, EF 24-70 f/2.8 L II, etc...

Volcano Isle :

1DX13499 par, sur Flickr

1DX13506 par, sur Flickr

1DX13526 par, sur Flickr

1DX13554 par, sur Flickr

Stromboli :

1DX13766 par, sur Flickr

1DX13793 par, sur Flickr

1DX13847 par, sur Flickr

1DX13856 par, sur Flickr

Etna :

1DX14404 par, sur Flickr

5D030641 par, sur Flickr

1DX14377 par, sur Flickr

1DX13989 par, sur Flickr

Great shots Frederic. I especially like 5-6-7-8.  8) Well done!


--- Quote from: Click on June 01, 2013, 08:45:28 AM ---Great shots Frederic. I especially like 5-6-7-8.  8) Well done!

--- End quote ---

+1...7 & 8 are spectacular! 8)

Agreed, great shots Frederic, something on my "to do" list, 7 & 8 are just brilliant.

Not without it's dangers I might add, we had some German Tourist killed down here in Indonesia while Photographing Bromo just recently, poor timing & bad luck, never a good Combination, huge rocks falling from the Sky not a great situation either.

Spectacular and breath taking! Did you dedicate a lens to each body?


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