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High shutter count on brand new 60D!

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I bought a brand new Canon 60D online from reputable source. It deliverd days ago in a brand new box with everything factory sealed.

After i take the first shot i plugged the camera to my PC and i found the name was IMG_4382 !!
The memory card was used only on Canon T3i to take about 650 shot THEN i did format it using quck format in Windows 7 before using it in my new 60D.

Is this mean it was used before to take +4000 shot?

No, it doesn't mean that. It's just using the highest number on the card - PC formatting doesn't help. Use the 60D menu to reset the numbering then format the card in the 60D.


Why the naming started from 4382 (Why not 0651?)

Eagle Eye:
Typically because IMG_4381 was the last file to be written to the card.  I would not only format, but reset your 60D file naming.  Even a newly formatted card will start at 4383 unless you now reset the camera.

Mt Spokane Photography:
As long as you use the same card in two or more cameras, it will keep updating the image number to the highest one in the cameras you have used the card in.  The only way to avoid this is to dedicate a card to a specific camera.  Then, of course, you may end up with duplicate image numbers.  Don't worry about the image number, it does not mean anything.  On the 1D series, you can customize image numbering and work around this.


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