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Why does it say PowerShot SX30 IS under my name here in Canonrumors

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I have never owned a camera like this in my life. I have a Eos 1 D mk III and not a PowerShot SX30 IS.  ;)

It's related to your post count, I assume.

Eagle Eye:
CanonRumors guy, can we have a summary of post count and "rank"?  Just wondering how much more drivel I need to post before I level up...

Eagle Eye:
+1 post.



that's explains alot.... couldn't match the posts from a few people with the body they had next to their names.

I am on a very low level myself (hence this post +1) but I don't really care that much.... but perhaps CR Guy couls change the "level list" from bodies (that actually can offend people) to shutter speeds and ISO or what have you.


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