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Adobe LR5 Released, how are you upgrading/buying?

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Up until now for I have been upgrading PS and LR as and when they were updated, as a matter of habit more than for new features. I cant say that I like the idea of CC, for more reasons than price, but that itself is another topic! I have no interest in the current PS CC tools like blur reduction and am happy with CS6. Lightroom 5 doesn't have anything immediately 'must have' but I would like to keep it up to date. I'm in a quandary as to whether I should pay for the perpetual licence or wait until a kick ass CS# is released and then grumble and go the CC route, where LR5 would be included.
What are your thoughts on this?

I purchased an academic CC license.  Gets me PS and LR (worth $18/month) plus Acrobat (with $5-10 month) so I am basically getting a fair deal.

I don't want to end up being Adobe's b!tch with CC ... I already have CS6 and it is more than adequate for my needs and I will buy LR5 tomorrow (just received an email that it will be released tomorrow) ... that's it for me.

Give me perpetual or give me death!   ::)

I upgraded because its the main software that I use.  In fact, it may be the reason I finally upgrade my desktop to 10.8!  i'm still in 10.6.8... I;ve managed to doge other reasons to upgrade.... LR may make me do the jump.

I guess every Adobe-related post will now devolve into rants for/against Creative Cloud.

Is it really worth all that hot air?


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