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Advice on B+W 82mm 3.0 ND (10 Stop Filter)

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Hello folks,

I've been waiting on the LEE Big Stopper for ages and pretty much given up on ever being able to get one ... the darned thing seems to disappear even before it shows up as "in stock". I'm going to India in July and the monsoon season will present me with lots of great opportunities to photograph streams, water falls, beaches etc ... need a 82mm ND filter to fit my EF 16-35 f/2.8 L II & Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 VC lens
Need some advice on these:
3. Do you suggest any 10 stop ND filters that are equal to or better than LEE Big Stopper, under US$ 300?

Thanks in advance

I use the Lee 10 and I know exactly how hard it is to get one!!!!
Out of the first 2 options, the MRC appears better and is the only one that states you wont get a colour shift unlike that in option 1. I haven't used the B+W but with 10 stops, it could have a noticeable magenta hue if not properly coated.

i have the B+W 3.0 ND 110 Filter

magenta cast all over

it does a good job if you're playing b/w
but in colour you'll have to reduce the magenta tint in the white balance.. Still the colours would look like painting.
here are some pictures taken with the b+w 110

Haven't tested the mrc though.


--- Quote from: Rienzphotoz on June 10, 2013, 04:42:51 AM --- Do you suggest any 10 stop ND filters that are equal to or better than LEE Big Stopper, under US$ 300?

--- End quote ---

I am currently using the Lee Big Stopper for long exposure stuff but I will consider investing on the Singh Ray 10 stop Mor Slo Filter in the future. I believe it is better than the Lee Big Stopper but it costs more than US$300.00 though. For this filter, Singh Ray offers a lot of sizes including the 82mm screw in filter and as well as the 100mmx100mm. Check this out: and this

I recently got the 82mm 10 stop from Haida. Got to know about this little gem from Dustin here in CR. It uses the same Schott glass B+W uses in their filters. The Haida filter is known to produce a slight blue cast, which I have not seen that much in hundreds of photos I had taken just a couple of weeks back. Here is a photo I took with the Haida filter on it, straight out of camera. The only thing I did was change the profile to 'Landscape'. I did not bother to play with the WB at the time of uploading this. Also, I could auto focus with the filter on with no problem.

However after taking nearly hundreds of photos with the filter on my recent trip, I did realize one thing. It often became annoying to take off the filter to take normal shots, and only finding yourself putting it back on for long exposure shots time and again (I was not carrying a second body). The filter only cost me $80, and it's MRC (Multi Resistant Coating). I did not notice any loss in detail or clarity. I too was waiting for Lee back then before getting this. Frame's quality - I felt B+W's brass frame is better, and noticeably heavier than Haida's one. I often stored the Haida filter in my jeans/jacket's pocket. It got knocked around or the glass got hit by something or the other quite a bit and did not get scratched once...yet. Overall I am pretty happy. I checked out some reviews of in a flickr group discussion thread before diving in. You could get some more insights regarding this in that group if you are interested.

Twilight and Tranquility II by Dhanad Islam, on Flickr


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