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Re: "General purpose" lens advice
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Thanks jdramirez.  I think you're probably right that the 24-105 is the best choice.  And yeah, I was assuming I'd get the 24-105 for around $700-750 from a 5D mkiii kit.  I actually already had the lens from my 5D3 kit, but sold it to go toward my 70-200 2.8 ii.  Might even consider a used one from ebay...

I agree with the 24-105 comparison to the sigma 35...  I currently use my 70-200 for video and the IS is definitely noticeable.  Also, that is where my questioning of the 24-105 comes into play.  I'm afraid that I might end up going back to my 70-200 anywhere I can if the 24-105 is noticeably less IQ (not sure how significant they would compare on 1080p).  For a lot of stuff that might work better indoors, we end up having to go outside to be able to frame the shot how it needs to be for the 70-200.  35mm is the perfect length for filling the gap that cant be filled with the 70-200, so that's what has me considering the newer, faster, supposedly-improved-IS 35 f2 against the 24-105.

I've heard that IS matters less at short focal lengths, although for video I think it's still useful.  This is one of the videos I saw that got me interested in the new canon 35.  The first half is filmed without IS, and then IS is turned on later.

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Re: "General purpose" lens advice
« Reply #15 on: June 24, 2013, 10:15:39 AM »