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I have been shooting with the T1i for about 2 or 3 years now. I am getting some concert gigs, and thinking its time for a upgrade.
But I am not sure if I should go for the 60D or save some money and get the 50D?

The 50D has the exact same sensor as your current camera, but in a tougher magnesium body.  I would not consider that much of an upgrade.  In the US, the 50D can typically be picked up on the used market for $700-800 and the 60D is $1000 brand new.  I'm not sure what the pricing where you are is like (although the camera you have is only called T1i in the western hemisphere).  I would say a 60D or 7D is the best route to go (the 7D would be better only if you shoot very fast-paced subjects or shoot in very harsh conditions).  The image quality of the two cameras (7D and 60D) is the same, and IMO is much better than the 15MP sensor in the T1i and 50D especially at higher ISOs.  What do you shoot?  Do you get paid for your photographs or is it just a fun hobby?

Why upgrade?  What aspects of the T1i's performance do you want improved?  The 50D has the same sensor as the T1i, and the 60D's sensor is not significantly better. 50D has no video capability. AF on both is the same, and a step up from the Rebel. 50D has AF microadjust, 60D doesn't. 60D has an articulating screen.

What lenses do you have?  The usual rule is to upgrade lenses before body, as that generally has a much bigger impact on IQ and on the types of pictures you can make. 

For concert shooting, fast primes on a T1i will do much better than a kit lens on a 60D.

Depends what kind of "glasses" you have... If you are well equiped you could consider an upgrade. But I would go to the 7D since (as said before) the 50D would be not so much of an upgrade.

Otherwise I would invest the money in new lenses, that will improve your photos significantly (espacially in low-light-situations).

regards, Dave

Ok thanks for your help. I think I will invest in some more lens, and think about a new body later.

I get paid for some of my photographs.


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