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When done sparingly, I think B&W with an accent color(s) can look great.  Sometimes it can even make an utterly boring photo in color (like the second shot below), much more interesting.  Here are a couple I've done over the last few years. Please post some of your own.

nicely done... If i may just add a little critique... I would try punching up contrast and working more with the black and white... When first shooting, they said a very good black and white (turned color) will make an awesome color photograph, but not all "color" photographs make good black and whites... so taking that little bit more and making the black and white more exciting and punchy could make a world of difference between good and superior accent photos.  Keep it up. 

I find that leaving traces of the highlight color in less obvious places can make a cool effect.  For example, there is a little of the blue in the sunglasses.

I always welcome critique, and I'd rather be told the truth, even if harsh.

I'm pretty sure I know which photos you were taking about, and what to do about them, but I would greatly appreciate a shot by shot analysis.  Once again, tear them apart if needed, you won't hurt my feelings; and would be doing me a favor.

A shot by shot comparison?  This is just my 2 cents...

1) the boys- I think that if it wasn't red shorts, it would be kinda blah as far as contrast... I'm sure in color it was light blue water meet light skinned boys meets light blue sky... kinda tough.. I may try to burn the bottom water and top sky... especially around the right side boy... he's kinda getting lost tonality wise. 

2) The boy sitting down... This is another tough one because the highlight of the photo is what is colorized.  My eye wants to draw a balance of dark to light however with the colorized part being the highlight, it is tough to digest a bit... Perhaps just a touch of shadow recovery to take away all the dark would help... but dont overdo it..

3) Darkroom with 3 people... this is a very dark photo overall... It is so dark that the red almost looks fake because the brightness of the red doesn't match the brightness of the natural scene... Raising the brightness level or shadow recovery may help (for the subjects) but leave the dark layer to use for the background so it doesn't get too busy...

4) Bride and Groom?... This photo is muddy and the dark tux is getting lost... A light shadow recovery and possible dodging on the brides and groom (highlight areas and areas of contrast separation) just to add that bit of separation and the appearance of natural highlights.

5) couple dancing.... The womans dress, like the other photo, seems kinda disproportionate in brightness to what the natural scene looks like... kinda hits you like a sharp left hook... I'm thinking it works because it is dancing, i'm assuming you didn't have too much control of the ambient light not that you would want the ambient to be too much higher or else it could get muddy also... The woman kinda feels darker than the man (mans probably a lot closer to the flash)... if you do any shadow recovery (just a pinch) just to selectively bring up her exposure while leaving the rest of the photo alone may be my suggestion. 


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