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Canon France Denies Large Sensor Compacts

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Canon Rumors:
Tweet From Canon France
The fine people at Canon France sent me a tweet explaining yesterdays mention about large sensor compacts. Their reasoning seems reasonable, however it appears they’ve been migrating their web site for 6 months or so. Hopefully they aren’t paying the folks in charge of that by the hour. I have talked to a few other sources, and none of them had heard anything as of yet about a cool big sensor compact. One more thing…. Canon is not overly happy with us at the moment, especially one specific country (not France). However, nothing we do here is about being malicious or to hurt anyone. As such, we apologize to anyone that may have been affected in a negative way by yesterdays posts. Canon France on Twitter cr

Sorry about the heat you're getting right now, Craig, we (the enthusiasts) appreciate the service you provide.  Somehow I don't believe the outdated excuse, the last compact APS (March 2002) or 35mm compact camera (April 2005) Canon made was long before consumer camcorders were segmented into "SD" and "HD".  Other than that, the emoticon says it all.

Their comment doesn't seem to be dissatisfied with canon rumors?, Unless the abbreviation RT means something special?

It is absolutely ludicrous that Canon would ever be "not happy" with you.  The readers on this forum are Canon's core customer base for DSLR and high-end photo gear.  Everyone knows the P&S market is declining, so if they want to keep selling cameras, they should be courting US.  Listening to all of the free R&D/focus group feedback we put in on a daily basis.  Announcing roadmaps (for something other than a $12k pro wildlife zoom lens) so we can plan our financial investments.

If they aren't happy, it must be because they (1) don't have any large-sensor compacts to sell, or (2) they thought they were going to surprise the world (gasp) when they did announce one.  I would suggest they worry more about pushing out new products and firmware/feature updates for existing products. 

And while I'm grumping, how about some consistency in the refurb store!

Canon Rumors:
I amended the post, it's a different country than France. :)


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