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600EX-RT + ST-E3-RT remote zoom setting?

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I must be stupid, I know this because I havn't seen anyone asking this question online, nor is it mentioned in the ST-E3-RT manual. My reason for buying the (to me, very expensive) ST-E3 radiotransmitter was so that I don't have to fiddle with my (600ex) flashes while they are inside soft boxes. I can adjust power, shutter curtains, groups etc, but I have not found an option for adjusting the zoom on the flash gun from the camera/transmitter. Is this not possible or am I missing something?

I often use flashes pretty high up and adjusting the zoom remotley would be perfect.
Side note: Apart from this, the ST-E3-RT is worth every penny, I can't belive I stayed with off brands for soo long,

Unfortunately, zoom is not possible with the ST-E3-RT.  I wish it was.  I love mine too.


--- Quote from: markphoto on July 06, 2013, 11:30:10 AM ---Unfortunately, zoom is not possible with the ST-E3-RT.  I wish it was.  I love mine too.

--- End quote ---

Thank you, saved me a couple of hours researching.
Seems odd that you can't zoom...Canon mentions multiple times in the manual how convenient it is to adjust "all settings" via radio. Maybe it isn't a big problem.

I can confirm that the zoom of the flash head cannot be controlled through the ST-E3-RT. I have been trying to find out what i did wrong but page 98 of the manual says that the zoom mechanism can only be controlled "when mounted on a supported camera".

Odd and a disappointment.

But there is also good news; the Quick Guide of the ST-E3-RT says that High Speed Sync won't work on older models like the 5DmkII. I can confirm that it DOES work ! The HSS-icon appears on the 600ex-RT as soon as i go beyond 1/200th sec in manual mode (camera). Of course you need to enable HSS first on the ST-E3-RT. Tested it thoroughly and i am very happy that it works. If it didn't it would have been a huge setback. I probably hadn't ordered it if i had read the Quick Guide before ordering.

I am extremely happy with this flash. I read tons of reviews of Pocket Wizard products and roughly 50% (read the reviews on Amazon and such resellers) of the users were happy with it. In my opinion that is way too low in my opinion. Waited a long-long time for this flash !

Expensive but worth every penny so far.

Cheers !

No zoom control with 600RT's and Also No 2nd curtain sync off camera. Overall, Its still the best solution on the market for me.


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