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BMD 4K, EOS C100 or 5D3

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Making business case for new camera, currently using 7d / 600d for production video and eng for event video.

Very keen on c100 as it will work well with current lenses (or at least, predictably given transition from aps-c to s35)
but niggling doubts as to go for 5D3 and new lenses (would need a tascam dr-60d) or (if it can be supplied) the bmd 4k.   

I don't need 4k yet, but our stage crews are buying a 4k projection and screens... 1080 looks great on their exsisting screens, but any camera I buy is going to be used in 3, 5 years time.

I threw the 5d in there as an option...  I don't need stills on this camera... My gut tells me go dedicated video camera route, but is the BMD just too out there?

Why are you considering the 5D MK III? Since you already have EF-S lenses and you're ok with S35 and in-camera audio, why bother? Unless you're interested in speed and raw and weight and size are crucial...
The BMD is obviously a much better video camera than the C-100, not to mention the 5D, which is just a camera that can shoot videos.

Nick Gombinsky:
If you're shooting ENG style, I wouldn't recommend the BMD. It is not a camera for quick shooting, its more of a studio/commercial camera. You need some time to set it up (a few seconds, but its a very uncomfortable camera to work with when you need to change settings on the fly), there aren't any buttons on the damn thing! I'd advise getting maybe a FS700, FS100, or the equivalent Canons (C300/C100), the BMD's cameras are different beasts for different jobs.

Nishi Drew:
5D if you really want the RAW and low light capability, but I bet you won't shoot RAW nearly enough to justify it's use even in the long run. If you're work requires heavy post production editing, grading and the flexibility to adjust exposure and maintain the highlights/shadows better then maybe. But for event coverage and what not you'd be out of space in no time unless you've got infinite to spare for those super fast and massive CF cards.
Also you won't be taking stills and you don't have the lenses, so the answer should be pretty clear.
The BMD 4K is certainly interesting for the price especially, if you're using rigs and tripods a lot, then with you're available lenses it should work very well with the codecs and compression options.
But still a dedicated video camera in the C100 or FS range are better for all around, you'll need those built in NDs and controls, and their form factors are just built for the job.
4K, if you're convinced you need it, it'd be worth it with the 4K projectors and lot but if 1080P really looks fine then I would go for a versatile system that prioritizes on image quality rather than just resolution.
Though personally I would like the 5D3 as I work with photos a lot and have the lenses, not the fast cards yet though

Cheers folks, I don't need RAW, been getting by fine without it, and am for the time being on a 32bit editing app, maybe when my suite gets upgraded..

Don't really do much grading at all, had dabbled with color and have a couple of presets I like, but I tend to shoot a greyscale card, 3 wheel colour correct off of that and then go the cowards route of magic bullet mojo and looks, again, a new suite will probably enable a new approach.

The 5D3 was flung in as a wild card, work will be buying new lenses to go with any new camera, it may be a case of mirroring what I've been using from my personal kit, or augmenting it, and so plugging some gaps, or getting fast primes and using my leneses when required.

The 5D3 was the cheaper option, but I think the advice is good, it's for video, get a video camera.  Which points me back to the c100.  A good point about the external controls. I hate transistor switches and menus on a camcorder.  The form of the BMD isn't that big a deal, it will be on a rig (fig or sm-1) or tripod, or video monopod or stabiliser or clamp.

Just thinking 1080i&p is great for now, but what will I want in 5 years from a camera.  Probably a new camera, but my work doesn't work that way.

Not keen on the Sony's at this end.  Not a fan of NEX or M43 mounts.  Don't think we are going to hear of them in a couple of years time.  Can't afford PL, so EF seems the way to go for range & availability.

Thanks for thoughts so far.

A question specifically to BMD users.  Do the BMD grips help?

A question specifically to C100 users.  How is the rolling shutter?  Improved any over DSLRs?

I'm going to try and get hands on, but it's a question of what I can find here in Scotland.  It's not my money I'm spending, although it'll be me using it, so I have to please the company and please myself.  Wouldn't buy without hands on.

Thanks again for the postive advice so far. 


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