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Re: Bag suggestions?
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I realize this won't fit all of your gear at once, but I'm currently loving my Lowepro Flipside Sport 10L AW.  It fits my 70-200, another lens (or flash) and a few accessories.  It also comes in a larger version but I am very happy with this size.  It has climbed mountains and been on long bike rides with me.  It is very comfortable, has a rain cover, and doesn't immediately give away the fact that I'm carrying several thousand dollars worth of camera gear.


or larger versions:
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Re: Bag suggestions?
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Re: Bag suggestions?
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It depends on how you are going to use the bag.  If the purpose is to just transport your gear from one place to another and you will only be wearing it for a short time, the type of bag you are looking at is OK.  However, if you will be wearing it for most of the day and for the amount of weight you are going to carry, I would highly recommend a backpack with a frame and a good load carrying belt.  It will take the weight off your shoulders and allows you to carry it on your hips.  These will tend to look like hiking backpacks, but there is a reason those look the way they do, they work.  F-Stop makes some and also Click Elite And many others.  If you are taller than average look for a model with an adjustable height or that the height is long enough that the belt will be located on your hips properly. 


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Re: Bag suggestions?
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there are lots of things to consider...i looked hard at that kata you like, but went with a slightly bigger kata...the bug.  which i like quite a bit....it might be worth considering if you think you might someday upgrade to a pro size camera or add a battery grip... good luck!

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Re: Bag suggestions?
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all i can say is i have a kata bug 205 (and another kata i don´t know the name of right now. it´s the HB 205 i think) and i love them.

most comfortable harness i ever had on a photo backpack.
as a woman, i think the waist belt is a great help to carry the weight.

the HB 205 comes with a waist belt. for the bug 205 you have to purchase it separately.
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Re: Bag suggestions?
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Kata minibee 111-UL is one of those bags that never disappointed me ever in my quest for good bags. The build and strength of these bags are remarkable. The most important quality of a bag is that it must be able to handle stress in rough conditions. This bag stands out in that department very nicely. During my Auckland tour at New Zealand, I purchased a bag from a local online store and there I found another great piece of it. I guess I am being lucky to get quality materials delivered everywhere. Here is their website : http://www.wiseguys.co.nz/computers/laptop-accessories/laptop-bags
Take a look.

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Re: Bag suggestions?
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