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What upgraded feature would push you to get the mkIV?

Double the battery life?
1 (0.8%)
WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.
5 (4.2%)
120 double cross type AF points???
4 (3.3%)
2 stops of improved and usable ISO performance (low light capabilities).
80 (66.7%)
A 32 megapixel sensor and a 50mb RAW file.
30 (25%)

Total Members Voted: 120

Author Topic: How much better would the 5D mkIV have to be for you to upgrade from your mkiii?  (Read 33253 times)


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Give me most of these and I'll consider:

1: Two (or more) stop improvement on ISO
2: 720p240 (I'd be ok with 1080p240 too)
3: 10fps+ (and naturally plenty of buffer, ~20+ would be nice)
4: Dual-CF slots with separate data channels for writing (so it could flush buffer to both cards, roughly doubling the speed it can empty the buffer)
5: Integrated grip (=1D style body (I know Canon don't want this, they want 1D to look the king))

Dude, I'm curious-are you serious or is this american sarcasm/irony?

I'm a Finnish guy, not American. And yes, I'm serious.

Tell me one of those that shouldn't be in 5D4? I know the #5 is out of reach for political reasons, but all others should be fine.

TWO stops improvement on ISO?  What does that mean?  At the high end?  If that happens, then Canon will also have made flying cars and microwaves that serve you your dinner straight from the kitchen into the living room, where you are watching your $150 93-inch LED TV.  None of those items you listed make any sense at all.


I'd be happy to hear your reasoning why none of those make no sense, because for me they do.

As for ISO, let's say 5D4 ISO25k looks as clean as 5D3 ISO6400. That's bit stretch, I agree, but I thought the idea of this thread was to make a wish list. The other points are really nothing special, don't you think?

Let's check (I'd be really happy to hear your counter-arguments, instead of just saying "make no SENSE!!!" without any words to back up)

#2: 720p240 is not that much really, pure data-wise it's only double compared to 1080p60, which is standard in any camcorder nowadays. Doubling data-speed is nothing in electronics, happens roughly every 3 years. And I'd take 720p240 any day instead of 1080p60, if I could choose, but of course different people have different needs.

#3: 10fps+ This is trivial, 1DX already goes 12/14 fps, so nothing new here.

#4: Saving to two cards is nothing special either, but it needs own controllers for both channels to maximize the speed. Basically same idea than RAID-0 in PC world.

#5: Again trivial, but this one doesn't happen for Canon line-up reasons, they don't want 1D-style bodies for 5D-series.

Reasoning?  Because 1.  We're talking about a 5D-series body, and 2.  Do you even have any idea how difficult and probably unfeasible it would be to improve the 5D3's high ISO capabilities, by two stops?  Certainly not soon.

It's a great wish list sure, but it sounds like, I want to the 1Dx features in a lower end cam body wish list.  Maybe, who knows?

Well, I just wonder, how half a stop in RAW would look in the 5DIV if I got these results with my 5D3 last week. Insanely high ISOs 51.2k! If it improves half a stop I am happy, so as I hardly will be ugrading to the next body version I better wonder, how an additional half a stop in high ISOs might look by let's say 2018/19?  8) samples below shot at 51k  ::) and some very low candle light...

Z96A5407bTLKlein by Peter Hauri, on Flickr

Z96A5407bTLBWKleindefCrop by Peter Hauri, on Flickr
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Much bigger buffer, AF linked th spot- metering.
2 fast CF-slots would be fine too.
1D MKIV, lot of lenses, flashes etc
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Absence of noise in shadow area at ISO100!

2 stops higher dynamic range from ISO100-ISO3200


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Much bigger buffer, AF linked th spot- metering.
2 fast CF-slots would be fine too.
+1 These are trivial to implement in 5DIV since the technology exists now. I agree 100%


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for me to move
1- A lot better dynamic range at least 2 or 3 stops (light years away from Nikon).  And good performance(no noise!! at low isos

2- Continue improving focusing speed and accuracy (transferred from Nikon and canon as still lots to do!!!!)

3- Include native stuff like interval shooting, time lapse,...just the basic and simple things really!

Something that would never happen...sensor statbilzation?

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