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What upgraded feature would push you to get the mkIV?

Double the battery life?
1 (0.8%)
WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.
5 (4.2%)
120 double cross type AF points???
4 (3.3%)
2 stops of improved and usable ISO performance (low light capabilities).
80 (66.7%)
A 32 megapixel sensor and a 50mb RAW file.
30 (25%)

Total Members Voted: 120

Author Topic: How much better would the 5D mkIV have to be for you to upgrade from your mkiii?  (Read 52566 times)


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No pattern noise in the shadows, and a hefty bump of dynamic range. Preferably even better than SoNikon's D800-sensor.

That would be enough to make me upgrade.

It is quite simple really, but apparently not so simple for Canon's engineers?

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What about a "Nikon-D7100-like" crop-shooting mode?
To me it would make definitely more sense on a FF body: shooting @ 14 MPixel rather than 24 (=APS-H)with much faster FPS and AFpoints covering all the reduced frame.
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I would upgrade for some combination of much better dynamic range, better high ISO image quality, more pixels and higher FPS, in decreasing order of importance. I don't expect these improvements to be compelling enough to upgrade until the 5D5.


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the only real reason i upgraded from the mk II was the one billion times better autofocus system of the mk III.

other than that i was pretty statisfied even with the mk II so i dont think i´ll buy a mk IV.

but if i would do, i´d like:
- better high iso performance
- better dynamic range
- a second fast storage card slot
- faster liveview af
- maybe a radio controller for speedlites, if the whole system comes for a reasonable price

what i really dont need for my work are higher pixel counts and faster framerates.


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And I'm sorry that this basically excludes all non-mkiii owners, but ya'll haven't drank the Kool-aid yet.

Imho everybody who though about getting a 5d3 and then, considered the price, opted to skip it or go for a 6d/5d2 can have some valid opinion on this? So for me spending €3000+ on a 5d4 I'd like to have:

* red af servo indicator like they managed on the 1dx, but obviously weren't able to to on the 5d3
* spot metering linked to af point - yes, "1d feature", but should be very helpful for high contrast tracking
* rgb metering like Nikon & Canon 1d
* built-in rt controller (saving €300 st-e3 price & bulk)
* higher dynamic range at all iso, iso/res could stay as it is as far as I'm concerned


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Voted: 2 stops of improved and usable ISO performance (low light capabilities). Others are not important to me.


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+ video AF (similar to 70D)
+ RT flash controller built-in

Eye-control AF (such as my EOS 3 has) would also be nice to quickly select an AF point without having to use the joy-stick.
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I'm happy with 5D3. I could use it until it dies.


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I'm happy with 5D3. I could use it until it dies.


Love my 5DM3!
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For 2300$ i would upgrade if 5DIV was the 1DX without the battery grip.


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I'm happy with 5D3. I could use it until it dies.

There is a LOT to be said for that... I love mine, too!
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- swirl screen (its a low angle and a video tool gddamn it)

- higher dynamic range (thats critical)

- noiseless shadows when pushed up in post processing (way too critical, although ML does a GREAT job while canon genius firmware developers can't)

- faster AF in live view (its a shame for a $ 3000 equipment to have the same performance like 450D which was the first LV camera with AF (when shutter pressed) back in 2007)

- dual and FAST SD cards (get rid of this expensive stupid and outdated CF junk)

- wireless flash triggering would be nice (600D has one, and the pro series does not?)
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Hmmm? :-\ ... since it is a few more years before the 5D IV arrives, I would rather wait and see what new progress is made in the world of camera bodies.
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- dual and FAST SD cards (get rid of this expensive stupid and outdated CF junk)

Allow me to politely disagree. If a 5D4 would come with SD card slots only, I would avoid it for that single reason, regardless of anything else.

But then again, I don't think I would be in the market for a 5D4 - I'm totally happy with my 5D3  :D


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It would have to cook a mean steak and brew a superb cup of coffee. lol.  At this point in a year or two or three we will see in what ways I feel limited and go from there, but as of now things are going great. 
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