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What upgraded feature would push you to get the mkIV?

Double the battery life?
1 (0.8%)
WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.
5 (4.2%)
120 double cross type AF points???
4 (3.3%)
2 stops of improved and usable ISO performance (low light capabilities).
80 (66.7%)
A 32 megapixel sensor and a 50mb RAW file.
30 (25%)

Total Members Voted: 120

Author Topic: How much better would the 5D mkIV have to be for you to upgrade from your mkiii?  (Read 37888 times)


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I'm a recent 5D mkiii cult member and I really like it.  I'm not quite sure that I buy into all the hype that full frame takes your photos to the next level and you'll look back at your old crop sensor photos with disgust and loathing.  But I do like the mkiii.  I feel it is a more than adequate upgrade from my 60D and it was well worth the money it cost to upgrade (Cost of mkiii minus the money I received from the sale of my 60D). 

I haven't fully tested the low light performance of the mkiii though I will acknowledge it is superior to the 60D and the frames per second is more than satisfactory, and the auto focus is excellent...  Basically I don't have any REAL complaints about the mkiii where as I did have some issues with the 60D (not afma, low light performance, rubber grips starting to come off, etc.) and I didn't want to upgrade to the 5D mkii because of the AF performance and the lack of the cross type peripheral AF points and the meh shots per second rate. 

But my contention is that the 5D mkiii is practically the perfect mix of performance and durability for me.  So why wouldn't I keep it for 7 years (when then mkV is released and presumably the mkiii is about to die)?  What features would drive me to consider upgrading prematurely and by extension, what features would drive yall to upgrade?

The launch price for the mkiii body was $3500 which sounded astronomical at the time.  If the mkiv's launch price is $4000, but you sell the mkiii for $1700 making the upgrade "only" $2300.

So the aforementioned question is 'How much better would the mkiv have to be for you to upgrade from the mkiii'?  And I'm sorry that this basically excludes all non-mkiii owners, but ya'll haven't drank the Kool-aid yet.

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Upgrade  path.->means the former was sold for the latter.

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I will upgrade if it can improve iso 25600 to be as clean as iso 6400  :D
Wifi + GPS is nice to have & I think canon will include these anyway, just look at the trend with 70D.
For AF system, I hope canon can make all of the current 61 point to be cross type.


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  • How you relate to the issue, is the issue.
Either I want more MP or better low light.  But for low light I have the 1Dx, so that leaves more MP.


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1. More dynamic range
2. Drop some weight 0.5lb (8oz)
3. Video: native RAW, 1080/60p, and improved audio recording
4. Wifi
5. Horizon level guide
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5. Horizon level guide

Confused by this. The 5D3 already has a built in spirit level for both the screen and viewfinder.

Anyhoo, only thing I would like on my 5D3 is the 6D's WiFi. It looks like fun.

Other that that, just the usual higher ISO, less noise please Canon. I'm good with the current MP.
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5d3's feature set and hi iso seems just fine if I were to have one but I won't buy another Canon any-body until their base ISO is as least as clean and low noise as it is in a $400 Nikon d5100.  Flame away, I'm wearing my zirconia coat.


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5. Horizon level guide
Confused by this. The 5D3 already has a built in spirit level for both the screen and viewfinder.
Thank you for pointing this out. I just found it in the manual. Now I can check it off my list. :-)

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To upgrade it on launch day? All of the above plus DR and dual CF slots.

To upgrade to it in general? One of my bodies to die. Preferably the 60D not the 5d3.

The idea beyond is that now that I got used to it, I dont even think about going back. Or maybe Lubitel/Diana.


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1. Two stops improved noise performance.
2. Improved Dynamic Range
3. Two Compact Flash card slots that operate at equal rates
4. Expanded AF points
5. Higher Silent Frame Rate

I do not have the need for a larger file.
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I don't even have a 5D, but I already know my answer to this one. NOTHING would make me upgrade, because I keep my bodies for 2 generations between upgrades.

I consider it absurd to be desperately chasing the next model when I already have the current model.


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I miss the vote for "16 stops of dynamic range!!!!1111"


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As I like to do macro photography, I am exepected for :
- a better dynamic range
- a higher raw file (a bigger sensor)

I would like also :
- A radio controller for flash
- A pop-up flash
- A better weight balance with grip

=> In my mind, the 5DM3 is a really good product but not enough finished



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1. properly illuminated VF (i.e. previous 1D like)
2. better vertical grip integration to body
Bonus for more dynamic range, maybe 14 stops?

If those 2 can me meet I will be interested in getting a 5D again.
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I've decided to skip the 5DIII upgrade and wait to see if the 5D4 will be a big enough leap forward to even consider upgrading. Quite happy with the Mk2 right now.

Things I would like to see in a 5D4 are WIFI (I think all cameras should have this including the EOS M2), a new improved sensor, two stops better high ISO usability (three or four better than the 5D2), 8fps, 1/250 or above X-sync (keep dreaming!), built in radio transceiver for off camera flash (never going to happen!), a bigger better higher resolution touchscreen, a way to toggle functions like enabling back button focus using a dedicaded fully programable button or two, 4 custom mode dial settings and a shed load of DR to shut all these DR freaks up for good!


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I've decided to skip the 5DIII upgrade and wait to see if the 5D4 will be a big enough leap forward to even consider upgrading. Quite happy with the Mk2 right now.

I concur.

So I choose "2 stops of improved and usable ISO performance (low light capabilities)" compared to the MkIII to make me upgrade to a MkIV from my MkII.

Going from a MkII to a MkIII is not worth it IQ-wise.
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