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Author Topic: first attempts at macro stacking, let's see some stuff. (beginners only please)  (Read 6683 times)


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Here some examples of mine...

Forceflow, this series is just brilliant! The burning wick? Spectacular. A perfect example of what makes macro photography so captivating -- seeing detail in things one has seen a million times but had no idea how it really looks...

Thank you :) Yeah the burning wick was a successful shoot and turned out to be the favorite piece of art on my dA page. I was really surprised by the final result myself, it was a really unexpected look for sure. Really have to pick up my camera again. Been way to busy with other things recently and my equipment is really just collecting dust these days :(
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This is the best I have so far. I built a rail but this one was done with DSLR Controller. Still has a few artifacts but I  think some more playing with both processing and shooting parameters I'll get there eventually.


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Taken with Magic Lantern Focus stacking, 5D MarkII and Sigma 150(non-IS). It is quick to do a stack, probably good for insects.

That is an incredibly good Image, well done, honestly one of the best I've seen on CR, completely wowed me.


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My kid and I playing with his lego truck  - He put it all together as I wouldn't know how to even start.

6 shots, EF100 f2.8
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A little bug in my garden. Taken with 5D3 and 100mm 2.8L macro.
10 shots at f/5.6, 1/40, ISO800 in natural light taken with RRS macro rail.

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