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Re: Failure rates
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Seems to be one (it's service center not repair center, different service but they can help with simple stuff and take care of shipping to repair service if need be)

Old info but check it out. The other solution would be to ask your usual vendor. I guess you have a computer city or photo city there too ;)

My usual vendor is in Denmark - living outside of the EU allows me to deduct the VAT, which results in decent prices and 2 years of warranty according to DK law ;)

Buynow is still here - I was there as late as yesterday. I've never noticed that Buynow had a Canon service center, but I'll check it out.

Thanks, Grumbaki.

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Re: Failure rates
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Re: Failure rates
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I'm going to be ordering a 500mm mk2 in the next week or so and in all likelihood will be getting a grey market one as I'll save £1000 on the UK price. If Canon want to play the global market game then so should we. As Canon no longer do international warranties (I wonder why?!?) I spoke to Canon customer services today about what happens if the lens dies in the first year. They told me if the lens went faulty I'd have to return it to a service centre in the territory it was intended for or get it repaired locally and reclaim the costs from Canon in the intended market i.e. Japan in this instance. So even if I bought European-market gear and it went faulty on a trip to, say, Brazil, I couldn't get it repaired in Brazil without forking out for the repair there and then. Customer care? Not once Canon HQ have your money it seems.

Anyway, I'm not here to question Canon's approach to their customers (although I did) but wondered if any of you have access to a table of failure rates for their lenses (or bodies for that matter). I wouldn't expect a lens to fail in the first year but clearly it's possible. Is the percentage failure rate evenly spread throughout their product range or are there specific items that are notorious among service centres?

Essentially I'm trying to convince myself the grey import option is worth doing especially when looking at the savings.

Just tell me to quit whining and buy the damn thing.
Quit whining and buy the damn thing  ;D

I bought this lens gray from UK since I saved about 2000 Euros!. Plus they had it available!
I know that if (and that's a big IF) I have a problem I will have to ship it to them.
But 2000 euros save is a lot for an  amateur who uses this lens occasionally!

Actually, if I waited for a month I would save another 500 euros but:
1. I cannot predict the future.
2. I got it when I NEEDED it! Lens arrived Friday and I needed to use it the weekend to get the supermoon behind an ancient temple from a long distance. I failed on Saturday due to wrong position selection but I succeeded on Sunday (full moon day) so no regrets here.

P.S It came with latest firmware (1.1.1)  :)
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Re: Failure rates
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