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Which gel holder for the 600ex-rt - original or 3rd party?

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I'd like to buy effect and color correction gels for my 600ex-rt flashes, and there are decent offers from the UK cut for the original Canon gel holder - see

However, I'm not so sure if the Canon gel holder is really the way to go, and the flash afaik won't recognize 3rd party gels anyway so there's no need for large gels that cover the sensor... Questions:

* Do you use the Canon gel holder with the 600ex-rt or did you buy other holders (which) that take other/smaller gels (which?)?

* Do you use a plastic gel holder at all or simply velcro-strap the gels to the flash (with the added advantage that this method works on all other flash types, too)?


I use tape with smaller gels.

Having said that your linked offer is very good and I'd get a couple of the 45 pack sets for that money, if I was in the UK.

Only real draw back I have encountered with the Canon gel holder is the fact that it can be difficult, or impossible, to fit additional third party accessories on too, stuff like Sto-Fen's, Gary Fong's, stuff like that. So it depends on what other accessories you use.

The one thing I really like about the Canon gel holder is that it keeps the gel away from direct contact with the head, I have found most gels have very short lifespans when they are attached without an insulating air gap, I have killed some gels with one full power pop (Rouge ones with the big tabs), but even cheapo samples last ages in the Canon holder.

The Canon gel holder comes with 600EX is still new to the market so given a bit of time, accessory companies might start making products that fit with gel holder on.

I'm actually surprised that Canon does not offer a wider selection of gels. These look great. I wish they were available in the U.S.  I might have to consider ordering some anyway and have them shipped here.

The canon gel hold sucks so bad. Brilliant flash, and then canon said "oh we forgot the gel holder!" And built the most useless piece of plastic ever.

I stuck with my honl speed strap + velcroed Gels. It's fast, efficient, cheap and just works.


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