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Author Topic: Should I tell my lady friend that she should change the name of her company...  (Read 17225 times)


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LOL...kinda like that computer company, back in the day, that named their company "Wang".


In China:
1- Wang is a very common name
2- First names can be common words or descriptive
3- Locals use an foreign name (generally english) with foreigners to help memorization
4- Poor english or taste make some people just use litteral translation of their chinese name as "foreigner friendly name"

Result: Keep trying a straight face when, in a formal business environment, a man is introduced to you as "Rainbow Wang"

Many stories like that, the other main one being we have 2 wang in my office, one ~1,60m tall and the other one ~1,80m tall. Their are known to all as "small wang" and "big wang"...

My friend told his boss name was "Ochinko". That dude can't travel to Japan.

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If your company name would be Digital Professional, your acronym would be DP, which can make some people believe you're into certain genres of photography only   :o

Being a DP Photographer would be a very a small market.  I'd suggest promoting video skills as well. 

Anyways, back to the OP.  If her business is doing well, I wouldn't stress about it.  If she's happy with the name, then great!  In fact, I think I'd be more inclined to use a company called "BS Photography".  I'd imagine they'd have a sense of humor and would be good to deal with.

If her business isn't doing well, you could diplomatically suggest a change of name and image as part of a complete re-branding exercise.  That way, she wouldn't feel like a idiot (or worse, hate you for pointing out her flaws) when you point out that she's chosen a BS name.  People develop a strong attachment to their business name and don't like being told they've chosen a bad one...tread gently.
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