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ok - yeah, I know there are better ways to do feeds and better browsers blah blah, but I really only follow a handful of sites from one pc.
So - for IE9, how do I get Canonrumors into my list of feeds?
I see the orange chiclet on top and the small blue one on bottom that go to
That takes me to .  Once there, I tried the View Feed XML, and all of the choices for "other readers."  Nowhere do I get the familiar "Subscribe to this feed" that I am used to seeing.
Is this site not enabled for IE9 feeds?


Seek and ye shall find -
For the benefit of others, I'll answer my own question:
While on the Canonrumors home page, do alt-T to show the Tools menu in the menu bar.
Go to Tools > Feed discovery > Canon Rumors RSS Feed.
Then you'll see the familiar "Subscribe to this feed."


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