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Canon 100mm USM MACRO (not L / IS)

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Guys the non-L 100mm Macro is a great value. It is very sharp and half the price of the L version, and the L is not twice as good than this guy. Please post your 100mm Pics here:

Mt Spokane Photography:
Very good lens, I've had two of them before I bought the "L" . 

The advantage of the "L" is that it is much easier to use, so if your subject is going to disappear in a few seconds, you can capture it while the USM would still be hunting for focus.  If you can be deliberate and take your time, and use a tripod or very fast shutter speed, the USM IQ is actually a tad better.

I agree. I sold the 100mm and got myself a 100mm L, I was not impressed by the IQ (it was good but not much better than the 100mm regular, infact the regular 100mm seemed sharper to me.). I ended up selling the L as well... maybe one day I can afford the 180mm L, I'd really like to try one of those out.

Weed  :D

I've got the earlier non-usm 100mm macro.  Talk about hunting in low light - I can barely get mine to autofocus indoors.  But the image quality is fantastic. 


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