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Canon 100mm USM MACRO (not L / IS)

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Some from a few days ago.

Eristalis tenax by Kernuak, on Flickr

Arianella Spider by Kernuak, on Flickr

Mining Bee Collecting Nectar by Kernuak, on Flickr

One of mine:

gary samples:
1DS markII
100MM F/6.3 ISO 320

gary samples:
mark II 1Ds
100mm macro & twin lite mt - 24 ex

I had the 100L first, traded it cause I didn't use it much. Then bought the 100 non-L on CL. I don't see a difference in IQ, they are both great! I use it for studio product photography so the weather sealing and IS are useless.

I also like using the 100 macro as a walk-around telephoto with basically no minimum focus distance. If I'm too close, well, I just get a detail shot- as opposed to no shot.


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