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Author Topic: EF-s 17-85 focus how poor  (Read 516 times)


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EF-s 17-85 focus how poor
« on: September 06, 2013, 12:38:29 PM »
Hi Folks, I have the EF-s 17-85 kit lens from my 40D, I am using it on my 7D which I bought body only.
I have checked the AFMA using the dot focus method and find that from 50-85 I need 0 to +1 for centre point of dot method.
The problem arises as I get down to 17mm I am out of AFMA points starting at about +10 and still going at +20.
I had the ribbon cable repaired recently though I don't think this has caused the problem as I see that older pics have the same OOF problem.
My question is, is this normal for this lens, if not can it be easily dialled in as I see this is the end I use most.
I do not wish to spend any more on this lens and I am not shy of getting out the screwdrivers if I can find someone to tell me which bit affects what. What I don't want to do is experiment with adjustments and screw up the end that is in focus!
It is possible that the best bit won't be having the lens fixed but fixing it myself!

Cheers Graham.
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EF-s 17-85 focus how poor
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