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Grand Canyon Sunset

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Hello all!

I just got back from Grand Canyon National Park where I was shooting for about a week. Just now getting images processed and wanted to share a few with you. Images were captured on a Canon EOS 6D and a sensor modified Canon EOS 5D IR.

Any comments, questions or critiques please don't hesitate to leave a response. More feedback the better! : )

"With practice we become proficient in handling the image-management & value-control procedures; the interval between our first perception of the subject & the completion of visualization & the requried technical procedures becomes suprisingly short." Ansel Adams

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like the first on but seems rather hazy.  Never-the-less nice image

I am a big fan of b&w with big fluffy white clouds.  No.2 certainly tickles my funny bone, yesiree!

Great shots.

I am partial to the first one.  The atmospheric haze doesn't bother me.

I'm no Ansel Adams for sure!

I'm heading out that way in November along with Zion and Canyon X.  Any pointers for me regarding location?

Don't mean to hijack your thread.


Awesome. I like the sunlight in the haze. Great shots. Nicely done.


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