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Camera armor, does it work?

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Has anybody tried this, does it work or is it pointless?,51,2.htm

It might work for you if you're the type of person that has "everyday bumps, abrasian, dust and fingerprints".
A good bag like a toploader is much more convenient for me; the 128g extra weight would just get in my way.
And you would still need to have your camera checked if you drop it.


I like the concept, but the reality won't be as pleasant.
It just looks like a solution in search of a problem.

Based on the product photos I'd say it is going to make
the buttons closest to the rubber harder to activate.
And in order to be able to get the rubber "armor" over
the body it will necessarily fit somewhat loose when
installed, which means the body will slip and shift a bit
inside the rubber when gripping it.

If it's sold at B&H, Adorama or Amazon, I wonder what the
reviews say about it.

Personally, I will not use it at all. Remember in the film days, almost every mid range and up camera comes with an 'Ever Ready Case"??? It adds bulk and weight to the camera and drown grade the handling of the camera. I never used them. I did not even use them on my M4 and people told me that I am crazy not to use the case with my M4.

A pristine camera is the surest sign of a photographer who does not get out and take real pictures in the real world where there is real dirt and real rain or occasional impacts with real rocks or real soccer balls.

Get out and use your camera to create great images. Or just get it out and model it as an accessory with your Armany suit and Rolex. Make up yer mind.


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