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Author Topic: 7D vs 5Diii for video?  (Read 21583 times)


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Re: 7D vs 5Diii for video?
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I thought lots of folks were getting Philip Bloom for his semi-downer 'enthusiasm' when it came out.

Anyway lots of folks use ML RAW because it is THAT awesome. SOOOOO much more detail than you get from 5D3 internal or Ninja recording and SOOOOOOO much more processing latitude. SOOOOOO much richer colors! I

It is amazing, but it also requires SOOOOO much more hard drive space, SOOOO much more computing power, and processing is SOOOOO much more involved  ;).

That being said....harddrive space these days is ridiculously cheap, that really should not be the factor stopping anyone from shooting RAW or having plenty of backup space.

Computing power, yep..that's still a bit $$, but coming down, and not out of the grasp of anyone even semi-serious working with good video. If you're not using a mac, you can build yourself a pretty high end computer with plenty of GPU to help cover rendering times,etc....so, at some point, computing power shouldn't be a large hurdle to cross for most people wanting to dabble in higher end video.

And sure..there are a lot of steps and hoops to jump through, but even that is getting better with Davinci Resolve handling the files directly out of raw2dmg tool.....

But hey....most of the better things of life are a bit messy....



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Re: 7D vs 5Diii for video?
« Reply #30 on: November 07, 2013, 09:57:44 AM »