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Author Topic: NEW - Sony FF mirrorless cameras + new lenses to support  (Read 17798 times)


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Re: NEW - Sony FF mirrorless cameras + new lenses to support
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and even if they fail, Sigma won't have too much to lose, (unlike the big boys e.g. Sony).

Sony's got nothing to loose either. That's why they did bring the A7/R ... at unbelievably low prices. Imaging, how much CaNikon would charge for those babies? I bet it`d be north of 4000 USD/€ for a 36 MP sensor MILC and "only" 3500 for the 24 MP version.  :P
I think Sony has a lot to lose if this product line does not get the kinda sales results they are looking for ... with Sony's reputation for dropping products mid way without any support for the customers who bought them, it won't augment well for them ... especially with their ongoing loses in their consumer electronic business. Whereas for Sigma I don't think anyone even cares if they don't sell well ... just like their flop show SD15 & SD1 Merrill DSLR cameras.
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Re: NEW - Sony FF mirrorless cameras + new lenses to support
« Reply #75 on: October 18, 2013, 06:11:14 PM »


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Re: NEW - Sony FF mirrorless cameras + new lenses to support
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I saw the camera stores video on the a7. It was very interesting about using the met abodes adapter for all my EF glass but when he mentioned the sync speed of 1/160th.... it was a deal breaker.

Putting an adapter + L lens on A7 would kill the primary purpose of mirrorless. I will never understand that approach - same thing for EOS-M with L lenses. I rather shoot with my 5D III + L lenses if that is the case.

Sorry, that just me RLPhoto ;) I don't want to open another debate... ;D

for me its having a second body with me that takes up very little space to travel with
for example i might have my 5d3 with 16-35 on a tripod and shooting with the eos m and its 22mm or even the sigma 85 and adapter i can have a second body to take other shots and i can still use what ever other glass i have with the adapter

for me this sony with the 55mm looks really good maybe i would have the 16-35 on it more of the time and keep the 85 or 135 on the 5d3

I'm really looking forward to seeing reviews of this and the 55mm although i am holdin some hope zeiss make a AF version of the 55 1.4 for the sony i think it would be an amazing combo
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Re: NEW - Sony FF mirrorless cameras + new lenses to support
« Reply #77 on: October 21, 2013, 01:42:16 AM »
It would be interesting to know, of those here who are saying they would buy the new Sony....
[1] Would it be a supplementary camera, or your main camera?
[2] If it would be your main camera, what system would you be moving from? FF DSLR? APS_C DSLR? Smaller mirrorless?
1) a mirrorless FF-sensor system camera like the Sony A7/R will be my only camera (other than smartphone)
2) Currently Canon 7D + all good EF-S lenses and a few good EF-lenses and a few speedlites. Will definitely have been my last DSLR system and my last APS-C camera. 
That is almost exactly my kit too. :)
For my photography as amateur/enthusiast I need only one camera system at a time and I don't want to buy, own, store, insure, carry, learn and use more than one camera system in parallel. 
ditto - we have some things in common, it seems!

Looking for a small light photographically fully capable FF-sensored mirrorless camera and a small set of "AF-only" lenses. [no manual focus ring, no manual focus gear, no distance window, but weathersealed @ IP67].
It certainly is a nice ideal, one I have thought a lot about.

Ideally a 24-70/85 f/4.0 IS for street/city/events/general purpose/walkaround, a 20mm/4.0 pancake mainly for landscape/city/architecture, a minimalist pancake 40mm/2.0 for street/people @normal angle, a 85/2.0 pancake for studio/portraits/concerts and a very compact and light tele lens for travel, say a 200mm/4.0 plus 1.4x teleconverter. Plus wireless ETTL flash trigger built into camera and 2 slave speedlites. Entire system for less than the price of a Leica M240 with 50/2.0. That's it. :-)
;-) indeed! But AFAIK pancakes are inherently lesser optically than a 'standard sized' prime, so I have gone off the pancake idea for now. Why get the big sensor and then add a lens that has more blur units? The Zeiss 35f2.8 that came out with the A7 weighs about 120g, nice.
If I had to buy tomorrow, it would be the A7R (preferred) or A7  ... depending on AF performance ... plus 24-70/4 plus EF-adapter. :-)
For me, right now, I'm starting to think the m43 or APS mirrorless is the right answer. I'm starting to think that, for any given budget, the better lens kit I could buy with a smaller sensor outweighs any theoretical advantage in IQ -- which will largely evaporate without a tripod anyway. And I'm not at all sure *just how much* weight and bag space are saved by going to FF mirrorless, once you include all the lenses for a decent system. Maybe it is a disappointing end game if the real goal was * large* savings in space and weight.

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Re: NEW - Sony FF mirrorless cameras + new lenses to support
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