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*Contest* Astrophotography - Post Your Images in This Thread.

I took this in the Serengeti at around 10pm on July 24, 2011.  There were hyenas roaming around my campsite at this time, but my safari guide told me they wouldn't bother me.  The stars were so breathtaking, and there was no light pollution around, so I had to take photos regardless.

more from my trip:

canon 5d mark ii; canon 35mm f/1.4; taken at f/2, 19 secs, iso 6400, temperature adjusted.


Star trails on the Flights Path. Combined from Ninety different 30 second exposures.

The rotation of earth is shown by the movement of the stars... the fact I am on the flightpath in to Newark airport is shown by the planes that flew all over the image :-)

"Peering Into Time"
Milky Way Rise over Indian Rock Arch in Yosemite National Park. I just managed to capture a break in the clouds for a few minutes. The clouds near the horizon were lit up by light pollution and provided some nice contrast to the dark sky. Arch was lit up manually with 430 EX II.

Joshua Tree National Park


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