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Author Topic: Huge Issue with 1DX AF micro adjustments  (Read 7386 times)

robin saini

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Huge Issue with 1DX AF micro adjustments
« on: November 07, 2013, 05:13:09 AM »

I am a wedding photographer from INDIA and till now have been using 2 Canon 5D mark III for all my work with all L series lens only and straight out of the box all lens with any of the 2 bodies were super sharp at wide open apertures like (85mm 1.2 or 24mm 1.4 , 70-200mm 2.8)

If you look at my work on www.robinsaini.com or www.facebook.com/robinsainiphotography you will notice that I usually shoot wide open and it was working great  till the time I was on 5d mark III.

10 days back I purchased 1DX from an authorized dealer in India (Pune- Audio Palace) and started playing with it.

Though, Its a great camera but I realized that when I shoot wide open with any L series lens 85mm 1.2, 24mm 1.2, 100mm 2.8, 70-200mm 2.8, 24-70 II 2.8, 14mm 2.8 etc etc...they show sharp images from both 5d Mark III, however when I shoot same subject on 1dx the camera either does front focus or back focus.

After doing some research,I read some forums saying that such incidents happens and need so some micro AF adjustments.So purchased lens cal and did a fine tune and realized that camera was front focusing by +10.

Did over 50 test shots and when i thought that it was all set and took out to take some shots..realized that even after doing AF micro adjustment, camera still does back /front focusing and unlike 5d mark III, i never get all shots sharp at wide open.

their seems to me some big probllem, with AF on my 1DX as its very
inconsistency to focus is driving me nuts .

In INDIA wedding season has started and I can't afford to miss it as already booked for next couple of months....so I need quick solution.

Can you please help me.


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Huge Issue with 1DX AF micro adjustments
« on: November 07, 2013, 05:13:09 AM »


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Re: Huge Issue with 1DX AF micro adjustments
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2013, 05:32:20 AM »
I trust you had sufficient light when you did the AFMA. AFMA can vary depending on the available light and the distance to the target.

Have you tried focusing using Live-View? Is the image sharp when focused with Live-View?

I'd recommend checking AFMA for all your lenses. If the AFMA gives very high values for all your lenses (as compared to the 5D3) then it is likely that your 1DX needs to be calibrated for which you will need to send the camera to Canon.
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Re: Huge Issue with 1DX AF micro adjustments
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2013, 01:04:39 PM »
Hi Robin,

Do you ever have your 5Ds ?

However, with all the gear you own, you can pretend to the Canon professional service -CPS-. This will significantly shorten the duration of the Canon support. Thereby, hold on tight to your 5Ds during the time Canon need to inspect your 1Dx and then, once it'll come back to you, run it again through the Lenscal-software.

Canon is also able to calibrate your camera to your lenses. This way, they'll work perfectly together, requiring no additional settings. With a good CPS, Canon can even lend you some spare lenses during the period of time they need to adjust your 1Dx to your own lenses. That can be a good solution for you.

On the other hand, you can try to adjust yourself your AFMA on the 1Dx. This requires some time... You'll find plenty of advices on the internet about the best way to proceed. Personally, I shoot a row of aligned books from the side to get a more or less 45° angle. Then I aim to the same middle book and after each shot, i control it of the LCD and adjust the AFMA more and more precisely until i get sharp shots.

You don't have to worry about that issue, everybody here have to deal with the AFMA, even if it does is a pain in the ass.
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Re: Huge Issue with 1DX AF micro adjustments
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2013, 01:33:02 PM »
I noticed my 24-70mm II and the 70-200mm II were not autofocusing to the sharpness they should be providing. I used a software program that provides a target that you print, shoot according to the directions provided with the software, then load the photos into the software for analysis. The microfocus adjustment results for my 1D-X and the two lenses were: +2 for the 24-70mm and -4 for the 70-200mm lens. Not surprising, my 300mm f/2.8 lens when tested required a microfocus setting of zero.

I encourage you to purchase a software program that will take your test shots, analyze them, and give you the settings for the microfocus otherwise you might never achieve the level of sharpness that all of us demand. Good luck!


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Re: Huge Issue with 1DX AF micro adjustments
« Reply #4 on: November 07, 2013, 02:18:41 PM »
It would be strange to find that your 1Dx varies from front to back focus from shot to shot. If it was me I would be looking at how I was taking the shots.  ;D  If you are really convinced that its the camera not you then it will probably need to go back.

There is fine adjustment avalible and lots of ways to do it. But you camera should be consistent.

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Re: Huge Issue with 1DX AF micro adjustments
« Reply #4 on: November 07, 2013, 02:18:41 PM »