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Author Topic: Suggest Macro lens - Canon 100mm vs Zeiss 100mm  (Read 943 times)


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Suggest Macro lens - Canon 100mm vs Zeiss 100mm
« on: November 17, 2013, 03:30:55 AM »
Hello Folks,

I am photo enthusiast ; own 5DM3 , 24-70 2.8 , 70-200 2.8 and I've been more than happy shooting with the combo.I mostly shoot Landscape, Night Photography.
However I've been missing some Macro shots lately where I intend to take but never happens with the above mentioned lens.
So I was planning on getting Macro lens and I am confused between Canon 100mm and Zeiss 100mm.
I know the primary differences as AutoFocus vs ManualFocus ; 1:1 vs 1:2 and I am not bothered about cost.
I am based out of India and we don't have an option of renting lenses.

Please help me in giving some real life examples of 1:1 vs 1:2 reproduction ratio.
I am biased towards Zeiss but is it difficult to Manual Focus on 5DM3 because of focussing screen ?
I would be happy If someone having an experience with both the lenses gives and in-depth analysis.

5DM3 ; 24-70 2.8L II ; 70-200 2.8L II ; Zeiss 100MP


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Re: Suggest Macro lens - Canon 100mm vs Zeiss 100mm
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2013, 04:54:32 AM »
As people will probably tell you, they're two different lenses and it really depends on what you plan to do with it.
The canon would be better for general hand held macros, due to the IS, and has a 1:1 reproduction ratio, so think about if you really need that, plus it's also weather sealed.
Though on the otherhand, a completely different beast, I find 1:2 is enough for me, the zeiss is stupendously sharp, at f2 it's sharper than the canon at f2.8, though with macros you'll probably be stopping down anyway, but the micro contrast is amazing, which is what people refer to as the "zeiss look", and it doubles up as an amazing portrait lens, 100mm is my favourite FL for portraits and f2 with creamy zeiss bokeh, amazing micro contrast and super sharp is a great recipe for 3d isolation portraits. Here's a comparison of 1:1 (simulated) and 1:2,

I'm not too fussed about MF as well, you can live view for macros or just use the focus confirmation, it works well for me. The zeiss isn't weather sealed but it's built like a tank, if I were you and had money to burn I'd go for the zeiss for its uniqueness, but if you need IS and 1:1 then the canon is also a mighty fine lens and won't disappoint!


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Re: Suggest Macro lens - Canon 100mm vs Zeiss 100mm
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2013, 05:36:53 AM »
... plus it's also weather sealed.

I did not know that. The 100L is high on my next lens list. This is another plus. Thanks.
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