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Author Topic: Advice for future path please!  (Read 14730 times)


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Re: Advice for future path please!
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-------I shoot anything I can, wildlife by preference, landscape portraits of trees and magical places, portraits of people in period/fantasy costume and other things which happen inc some charity work in low light in nightclubs (for example!).......

You would be very happy with a 6D.  You'd also be happy with a 5D3, it's your money but you asked for input and I'd say the 6D will be more suited.  Keep the 100-400 and the 50/1.8.  Sell the 20D and 28-135 together to a buyer who accepts the possible 20D problems.  Neither is worth much separately and the proceeds would do you better applied toward, f'rinstance, a 24-105 (or 17-55/2.8 ).  All your other gear, sell what you're not too emotionally attached to, especially if you NEVER use it.

Don't overlook some of the nicer 3rd party lenses; newer Sigmas, RokSamBow 14.

The day the 7DII is released, your 7D will become worthless (ok, I exaggerate......but not by much).  I'd sell it while you can still get a decent amount and replace it with one of the newer crop bodies if you still want crop - as in reach for wildlife.  Two thumbs and two toes up on the 17-55/2.8, just get it if you're going to keep crop.

Compact camera?  I'd consider one of the fixed lens superzoom types.  To me, 'compact' and 'interchangeable lens' are mutually exclusive, sometimes you just want to be out and about and have a camera with you in case something catches your eye and don't need to be bothered with carrying and changing lenses.

6D+WiFi+tablet+dSLR Controller = wonderful combo, nothing gimmicky about it.

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Re: Advice for future path please!
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Re: Advice for future path please!
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Superzoom for a compact camera?

FWIW, back when my XT was my "good camera", I bought the SX20 for a trip to Florida.  I wanted to travel light and didn't want to carry expensive gear with me.  I used it for beach shots a Cocoa Beach and for touring Disney World with the family.  It was liberating in a way.  I didn't miss my XT because it was a 1,000 miles away.  I was also more comfortable with the SX20 on the beach because I wasn't risking my good camera in the sand.  For many hours at Disney, the light weight was very welcomed.

Shutter lag is something that truly drives me nuts with compacts.  The SX20 is one of the quicker superzooms.  It's successors seem to lag more.  Still, since it was the only camera with me, I was resigned to making it work.

Today, I only use it for video because it has aut focus during video.  I'm getting better with the manual focus video on the 5D3, but there are times when it's easier to grab the SX20.

After upgrading to the 60D/7D sensors and now the 5D3 sensor, I don't consider the SX20 anymore.  Now "compact" either means the S100 or the 5D3 with the pancake.  Incidently, the S100 has a slighter larger sensor than the SX cameras and offers RAW images.

Looking back to that Florida trip, I got some great sunrise shots on the beach.  For these, I do wish I had my 7D or a FF.  For the Disney shots - the "we were there" memories shots, the SX20 images are fine.  But, to do the trip over, I'd take my 5D3.  Sure, it's a lot heavier, but I've also discovered Think Tank belts, holsters, and the Peak Design Capture Clip, which makes it much more comfortable to carry the big lenses.

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Re: Advice for future path please!
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Hi Kiboko,
Yes, it's definitely worth exploring other options - to blindly follow a brand without assessing the alternatives is foolish!
Hi Graham,
Thank you for that info! I'd been leaning towards the Samsung Note series due to the little Stylus pen they have, or failing that the Sony Z which is waterproof.
Hi Emag,
I probably would keep the 20d, purely that it's so low in selling value that it doesn't seem worth selling, but if I needed a backup of some sort then it would cost more than that to get - and it's fine at low iso, just not for action! It's a good point about the potential drop in values of the 7d - need a crystal ball to pick the most opportune moment for that!
Also thank you to you and FTb-n re compact comments - the shutter lag and poor image quality are the big issues that have kept me from getting one since the pro1, the M and the s100 seem to be top of the list but neither are quite perfect it seems - the versatility of the M as a second body does overshadow the useability as a compact camera - maybe I just want one camera to do too much when I should accept the limitations!

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Re: Advice for future path please!
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