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Author Topic: $1200 1DX discounts on eBay... Anyone bought one?  (Read 3273 times)


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Re: $1200 1DX discounts on eBay... Anyone bought one?
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When I lived in Thailand (2004-2006) high end electronics were way more expensive there than in the USA. Has it really changed that much?

No, everyday consumer electronics are more expensive. I wait until I am in America to buy pretty much anything else. But, Canon is not moving the cameras here at all. It is stale and they are cutting prices here to help sales. So only the 5DIII and 1Dx are being heavily discounted.  Although I don't want either camera they are for the taking if I wanted one for that price.    This is where I buy my gear here. The Canon prices are shown on there web site.

All of their cameras are being heavily discounted. Most likely because many of the lines are going to be replaced in the near future and they are clearing inventory.