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Re: Unexpected Events
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Share your photos of completely unexpected photo ops, maybe the IQ is not up to snuff but you can't quite bring yourself to delete it because the subject matter is just that good.
I'll start

This guy initially caught me completely by surprise just by being there. I was not aware Great Blue Herons hung out this far north in Canada. A great find, but not earth shattering enough to pull me out of my zone, however, in the split second he took to spear this huge fish, I had turned into a ball of panic and indecision, tripping all over myself on uneven, muddy terrain, trying to get closer and stabilize myself at the same time.
No evidence whatsoever of the calm ,cool, collected professional photographer I aspire to be. And it cost me.
All I can say is I got the shots, I am able to make no claims as far as IQ goes. But I believe it's still worth sharing the experience.
I have never seen such a slender graceful bird swallow something this huge, pelicans come to mind but somehow I see them in a different category. How he was able to slim down do quickly and fly away so easily afterwards is beyond me.
Cropped close to 100% due to the woefully inadequate focal length, clicking on a photo brings you to "image shack" and a full resolution copy.
All shots are in sequential order
Lovely sequence! Notice that in the 6th picture you can see the head of the fish and the eye in his neck!

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Re: Unexpected Events
« Reply #15 on: August 07, 2014, 10:53:36 AM »