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SLR Magic Anamorphic Lens Adapter : Thoughts for use on 5D3 and EF Lenses?


I know it is almost released, but seems to be a lot of demos on this and it looks interesting.

The adapter is coming out for $899 and a set of 3x diopter lenses for it optional for $299 for close ups.


Links about it and demo videos:

NoFilm School:


This video demo from Eyepatch Entertainment, goes through showing how to set it up and use with a Blackmatic camera and is quite intriguing...a lot of trouble to set up, but the images, to me look VERY interesting.

Video Demo setting up SLR Magic lens:

I'd really like to think about getting this lens, to play around with, but need to make sure it will work with the lenses I have, etc.

The site says this about the adapter:

--- Quote ---The adapter has a 77mm front filter thread and a native 62mm rear thread with a 58mm, 52mm, 49mm adapter rings provided. As such it is only suitable for lenses which have a front element size of 50mm or less.
--- End quote ---

Does anyone know off hand what EF lenses this would work out with? I'll start researching but wondering if anyone knew off hand..

I currently have:

24-105L f/4 lens (kit)
17-40L f/4
70-200 f/2.8 II IS
85mm f/1.8
40mm f/2.8 pancake

I need to start looking up to see what size they are for filters, etc....

Has anyone else heard of this one? Is anyone else out there with a Canon, shooting anamorphic? There was another apparently nice recent release, the Letus lens...that comes in about $1700.  This one appears to be a way to get into shooting anamorphic for a bit more reasonable cost.

Thoughts? Links? 


I'd like to know too.  Looks interesting!  Thanks for sharing all the info.

Well, looking so far, from what I can tell, this filter won't work with many of my best lenses. <P>
It appears it will work with my 40mm 2.8 pancake and my 85mm 1.8, but my L lenses are all too large for it to mount to.

Still, VERY interesting, but right now I have a 50L and the 100L macro on my lens list to buy next, so barring a lottery win, I may have to put this on the back burner behind those lenses.

Then again, who knows what will happen one weekend after a few beers and impulse online shopping hits...


I'm keeping my eye on this however, it does look very interesting.



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