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Author Topic: 32 gb memory card vs 2 x 16 gb memory cards? Opinions please?  (Read 3818 times)


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Re: 32 gb memory card vs 2 x 16 gb memory cards? Opinions please?
« Reply #30 on: March 01, 2014, 11:15:50 PM »
I'm not  pro.  I just shoot photos for me.  But, I want to decide what I'll delete and what I'll keep, not have that determined by a card/technical failure.  I've accumulated lots of cards over the years.  I use Sandisk, but that's only because they have always worked for me.  +1 on buying from a reputable retailer. 

At this point I shoot a 5diii and have a 64 gb SD in the second slot as a jpeg backup.  If I ever really need faster fps or have buffer issues, I can always pull that card out.  At this point I carry a collection of 8 and 16 gb CF cards with me.  I get hundreds of RAW  on each and rarely need to change out a card during a day.  If I know I will be taking lots of photos tomorrow, I'll swap out a partially full CF card tonight with a fresh one.  And, since I am a "belt and suspenders" kind of person, I back u to a portable HDD I carry with me and do not delete any CF cards until they are downloaded onto my pc and backed up.  The size of the CF cards depends on what you think you realistically need for a day of shooting.

So, original RAW on a CF, backup jpeg on an SD, backup CF on a HDD, then keep all originals after loading onto my pc and backing up that drive.  Hmm.  Maybe I am a bit OCD about this.
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Re: 32 gb memory card vs 2 x 16 gb memory cards? Opinions please?
« Reply #31 on: March 02, 2014, 01:24:35 AM »
You can put so many pictures on a card, and cards are so cheap these days, that I buy whatever sansdisk is on
sale and use them.  I keep two or three empty cards in a little case on the strap and changing the card is never a
big deal.  After I transfer the images to a computer I just file the card away just like I used to do with negatives.
They're stored by date with keywords/events in regular envelopes in a plastic box near my computer.


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Re: 32 gb memory card vs 2 x 16 gb memory cards? Opinions please?
« Reply #32 on: March 02, 2014, 04:44:29 AM »
I use only one 32GB CF card, and when I transfer the images to my computer, I don't remove them immediately from the CF card, to give the computer enough time to make - automated - backups. This works well, as the computer (or is it the camera?) remembers which pictures have already been transferred and only transfers new ones each time the camera is connected to the computer.

Only when the CF gets full I format it in camera.

So, 2x16GB doesn't make sense to me. The bigger, the better.
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Re: 32 gb memory card vs 2 x 16 gb memory cards? Opinions please?
« Reply #33 on: March 02, 2014, 05:26:58 AM »
It sounds like your using a Camera Body with a Single CF Slot ??

So my advice would be similar to others in that you should look at what a normal days Imaging is going too be, then get 2 Cards. I'de suggest a minimum of 2 x 32GB Sandisk CF Cards.

You might then look down the track at getting a Camera Body that has built in back up, i.e.. 2 Cards, I can't imagine going on a trip to say Africa with a Camera that has only a single Memory Card.

Unlike some, I've had a couple of bad experiences with CF Cards, in particular Lexar 128GB Cards, I purchased 4 of these about 18 Months ago, had one dead on arrival, another corrupted after a full days shoot in Botswana, around 1500 Images on the Lexar lost (I did eventually save about 70% of the Images with "San Disk Rescue Pro", a great piece of software.

What that experience taught me was to always set up my Cameras so I have both Cards saving at the same time (so I have 2 copies of everything I shoot, hence the requirement in my case for 2 x 128GB Cards), this is fine on the 1Dx as they are both CF Cards, the 5DMK III you run intro the issue of the Canon Software built in bottle neck of the SD Card, ridiculous software limitation still not fixed by Canon (Nikon doesn't have this issue where they use a mix of CF/SD Cards) on the 5DMK III the write speed of the Cards is governed by the speed of the SD card & Canon's limitation on SD write speed.

Another heads up on Memory Cards is the recent release of OSX 10.9 Mavericks, I have 3 Card readers, the Sandisk CF Card reader (works fine still), the Lexar HR1 Hub Reader (reads up to 4 cards at once in a stacked hub) works fine still, and an older Lexar Card reader that reads a CF card & SD card in a pop up head, this reader no longer works under OSX 10.9.

I hope this helps, my experience with Lexar CF Cards doesn't appear to be widespread, but I no longer buy Lexar Cards, I stick now to 128GB Sandisk CF & SD Cards.


I mainly shoot events and the occasional wedding. I have a 5d3.
Im more tossing up between a 32gb cf vs 16gb cf... I am more swaying towards the 32gb cards, I'm unsure about going to anything bigger, well till the cost come down.