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*UPDATE* Canon Rumors Needs a Web Server Specialist


Canon Rumors:

The response of qualified folks has been great. I’m now going through the emails and talking to a hosting provider. Thanks for your interest and help.
I need help

Canon Rumors requires the ongoing support of a web server specialist. I have  a few requirements that must be met.

* Extensive knowledge of WordPress and administering servers with WordPress.

* Knowledge of SMF

* UNIX/Linux/BSD environment expert

* Meteor Web Server installation and administration

* Apache optimization and administration

* Knowledge of mail servers, FTP, SSH

* The ability to move database driven web sites if needed

* Excellent communication skills in English

* Availability in event of an emergency

* Based in the USA or Canada would be an added bonus due to timezones

* Web server hardware knowledge, I need consultation.

* I want a relationship with a single person, I do not want to deal with a company and various different people.

I am not looking for a hobbyist, I am looking for a professional. I may require references, I will be doing my due diligence to find the right person.
If you’re interested in the job, please contact me at with a link to your resume, or with it attached.

Mark Shemas:
You should put some volunteer information on there. It will make you look more like a human and not a robot. If you don't have any volunteer work, just make something up. It looks like you've already done that on some things.


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