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New EdMika Polymer FD to EF conversion kit
« on: March 15, 2014, 04:11:37 PM »
Mini-Review for the new EdMika Polymer  FD to EF conversion kits.

Canon's Manual Focus FD lenses are legendary for sharpness, color, and contrast. Many people have discovered how well they work on various Mirror-less and 4/3 camera systems using simple ad-on adapters that go between the lens and the camera.   

Unfortunately there is no way to use a simple adapter with EOS camera without adding corrective optics which destroy the image quality.  EDMika recognized this a long time ago and has been developing individual conversion kits for EOS cameras. 

I was scanning through the various ebay listings and came across EdMika's new Polymer  mount conversion/converter/adapter kits.

He has recently added many more conversion kits for the FDn (New FD mount) series lenses and they are no longer made of Brass. The text of his ebay listing describes his reasoning for the change in material, and I think it is a good move. The Brass kits were extremely well made but they were heavy. I bet that in some cases the new brass mounts were heavier than the lens they were going on. The brass color also didn't really match the chrome plating of the camera mount and could also cause light reflections near the sensor.

These new Polymer mounts are also extremely well made, weigh almost nothing, and are completely black in color.  I really appreciate the weight savings when I use the lens with my SL1.  I am sure users with larger cameras will feel the same way.

I ordered the kit for the FDn 50mm 1.4  and it arrived in just 3 days.  The package includes a new mount, "Ed Bushing" (to engage the aperture), and a EdMika EOS lens cap.

The kit does not come with any instructions so you have to watch all the videos on the ebay listing page to get a good idea of how the various FDn lenses are taken apart and them assembled with the new mount. The kit is very easy to install and fits really well.

Here is the video that applies to to FDn 50mm 1.4 because it uses the  "Ed Bushing" that replaces part of the original aperture linkage.

In my photos I show the partially assembled lens with the old silver colored ring beside the lens and the new  "Ed Bushing" installed in position. The "Ed Bushing" is also black in color and made of the same Polymer material.

The new Polymer rear lens cap is interesting, and lower in profile, but I think I prefer the standard Canon cap.


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New EdMika Polymer FD to EF conversion kit
« on: March 15, 2014, 04:11:37 PM »