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Author Topic: Canon Announces the EOS-1D W: The Professional DSLR Designed Specifically for Wildlife Photographers  (Read 26206 times)

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Featuring Canon’s proven 61-Point High Density Reticular AF, Extreme Fast Shooting up to 24 fps, 39.9-Megapixel Near-Full-Frame CMOS Sensor, Outstanding ISO Sensitivity up to 204800, Dual Pixel CMOS AF II, Full HD Video Recording, Extreme-Durability Camouflage Finish, Development Announcement of EF 200-600mm f/4 L W IS USM/STM Lens

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., April 1, 2014 – Canon U.S.A., Inc. once again shows its leadership in digital imaging by introducing the Canon EOS-1D W “Wildlife” Digital SLR camera, the EOS-1D W is the world’s first professional DSLR designed specifically for the needs of wildlife photographers and videographers. A new addition to Canon’s arsenal of professional DSLRs, the EOS-1D W is a progressive EOS-1D series camera based on the EOS-1D X, but loaded with exciting new features.

According to Sakuichi Ishizukara, Canon’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, Imaging Technologies & Communications Group, Canon U.S.A., “Wildlife photographers make up a large percentage of DSLR camera users. These photographers have specific needs – needs that have long been overlooked.”

“That the new Canon EOS-1D W is going to revolutionize wildlife photography is unquestionable” says Martyn Culbreck after 3 months of field testing the new camera. Mr. Culbreck is the Director of Photography for BBC’s upcoming “Planet Life” series. “We spend weeks waiting for the an animal to be in the right position. When that perfect moment arrives, we cannot risk any camera-related issues causing a missed shot. The EOS-1D W is a game changer. It never misses.”

Read the rest of the press release at TDP


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Great April Fools  ;D
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haha april fool  :P
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I see April 1st has clicked over in the US ;)
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I have one of these but am not happy about the colour. In Africa on safari I kept losing it when I put it down!  :P
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Hah hah!! Let me check the date... ahh yes.
But not subtle enough for even a moment's hesitation.



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Awesome! A really enjoyable April fool.  Not too implausable, but the "W" looks slightly offline, making it a clear fake  ;)

Bravo!   :D
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If this thing doesn't have over 30 stops of dynamic range i'm not buying it


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The ironic part is (excluding ridiculous things like 24fps) it sounds like the camera a lot of people would actually want! Similar pixel density to crop sensors, APS-H as balance of reach/crop/speed/lens sweet spot, and pre-"lens-coated" :P. I don't think it's an effective April Fools if:
1. it's a bit too obvious stupid
2. loosely rubs in the face of what people are complaining about lol
Hurry up Canon and do something with your sensors! :P


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best 1 april fools day joke would be a rumor on canonrumor that´s actually true.....  ::)

as it seems the only news that hold some value lately are the camera and lens deals...


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THIS is why I watch comedy; it's done by funny people.

April Fools is just like every other holiday where people who aren't very good at something try it.  St Pattys & New Years are for people who aren't really good at drinking.   Valentines for those who can't remember to be romantic on a regular basis . . . april fools, we all have to put reading the news to one side for a day while people who aren't funny try to be.

*sigh* I might actually get some work done today. Dang.
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Built in wildlife call? I'm all over this....... can't wait..... 8)


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No 4k? It's useless.

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