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Author Topic: Canon Announces the EOS-1D W: The Professional DSLR Designed Specifically for Wildlife Photographers  (Read 26135 times)


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This is the most well made camera ghost I've ever seen. ;) If it existed it could cost only $ 18,000, and would have some photographers really interested. ::) Congratulations to the creators. :)

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Bob Howland

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It should be mirrorless with an APS-H-sized sensor.


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Wow, I want this camera! This is what I need to shoot my cat catching mice!  :)

Don Haines

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I expected a false 7D mkii rumor for April fools.  That would have really gotten a rise out of the community.
OK... here goes....
Canon has announced the 7D2 today.... it is just like the 70D, except the mode dial has a hard stop to keep it from going all the way around. The tilt/swivel screen has been modified with double sided tape on the back to remove the functionality and keep the "I DON'T WANT A TILT SCREEN BECAUSE IT WILL BREAK OFF WHEN I BUNGEE JUMP HOLDING THE CAMERA BY THE FLIP SCREEN AND THEN IT AND MY 800F5.6 LENS WILL FALL AND BREAK" crowd happy.

The double sided tape took three years to develop (it is rumoured to have greater DR and lower noise than Nikon tape) and is the reason it took so long to get the camera ready for release.

This reduced functionality will be priced at $800 above the more capable 70D.
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Lee Jay

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A *real* one - 7DII, 24MP dual pixel sensor, ability to read the halves of the pixels at different ISOs for DR expansion and noise reduction, 5DIII AF including f/8 AF points, 100-400L II with great optics optimized for use with the 1.4x TC III on the 7DII.  That would be some serious handholdable reach.


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But will it come in left hand drive?
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Seems pretty lame for April 1 tomfoolery.

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I think I preferred last year's left handed camera more.
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Meh, weak at best. 


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Awe too bad because I would buy that that camera LOL


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Game changer? Don't they mean BIG game changer?


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plays wildlife calls! lol
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Yes, Just Less than $ 9000 US Dollars Each, I will order 4-5 of 1D W with the motion sensor shooting control and Super High ISO, Set up on the tripods,  to shoot the deers on my yards in the night time when I go to my warm bed.
Happy April fool.

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What calibre of bullets does it take?
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Yup, didn't fool me for a second. Gotta try better guys...   ;)
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