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Long Walkway v2 by Macadameane, on Flickr

Taken at 2.8.  I was pleased with the sharpness of the image

Jenny at 14 (2) by Macadameane, on Flickr

I can't help but notice that you're the only person who's contributed to this thread so far :D

How often do you pull the 14L out? I imagine a lens so wide is basically a specialty lens? Or am I off track?


Well, I have a 7D, so its not quite as specialized and I pull it out all the time.  Its a nice wide lens.  When I go full frame, that'll be the test.  I expect this lens to keep its value, so if it is too wide for me (or I have little use for it) I may sell it, but I expect that I will enjoy it then too.

I want this lens. Im saving for this one . Gonna do some footballground pictures with it. The pictures that i take when im at the stadium. And offcource it must be Elland Road at Leeds United that im taking pictures of


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