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Re: Teleconverter advice
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there are sample variations and some tc's seem to work better with certain lenses.

here is a site that did testing on all the converters available and it seems the kenko mc4 is the best on average across the frame, that makes it a real bargain and i might pick one up and try it.


Am I reading the data in Traumflieger's site correctly? It seems to say the (presumably older) Kenko mc4 is not only better than the current Kenko version, but also that the mc4 is better (in the way it is being measured) than the Canon 1.4 Mark III? Please let me know if I am misreading the data or how this could be? Thanks!

yes, i found it interesting to see the results. what they are showing is the resolution of a lens and camera combo, a 5dii and 70-200 f4 at 200. the numbers below each tc are the drop in resolution center, mid, and edge, they also average the 3 and list them along with the resolution in lpm of all the tcs across the frame at the bottom.

others have pointed out that there are other attributes besides sharpness but according to the data on the site: the kenko mc4 is the sharpest tool in the shed

i also found it interesting that the series ii tc's are sharper in the center but not near as good in the mid frame and corners as the series iii which makes sense i guess if your lens is already a bit soft in the edges then losing another 500-600 lpm res is going to show pretty bad. it seems they choose to give up some center sharpness in order to get better mid frame and corner performance with the series iii

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Re: Teleconverter advice
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Re: Teleconverter advice
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Dustin Abbott has some insight (and sample pix) on the Kenko TC with his 70-300L here:


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Re: Teleconverter advice
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Does anyone on this forum have experience with Kenko's mc4 model?


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Re: Teleconverter advice
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I do not own one myself, however there are plenty of comments around the web about the MC4. There are a plethora of comments about strong vignetting on the MC4, especially on FF but even when used on APS-C. IQ is better in the center, but commentary also seems to indicate that IQ is still not generally as good as the Canon 1.4x TC III (despite what the german article indicates).

I got a 300 DGX Blue Dot, however if the MC4 had been available for purchase at the time I purchased, I'd probably have one of those, despite the vignetting. At the time I bought, it simply was not in stock at any of the major distributors (Amazon, Adorama, B&H...I generally don't like buying from anywhere else, had too many problems.) I waited for a while, and eventually got the 300 DGX.

From what I've read, I am honestly not sure that the core IQ issues that I experience with the DGX are fixed with the MC4. My primary issue with the Kenko I own is not really with vignetting or corner sharpness...it's with the way it convolves detail, and especially the way it renders out of focus blur. The MC4 might be a little better than the 300 DGX in the center for the focused target, but the "scratchy" background blur, the warped and spotty highlight blur circles, and "rough" detail (it can be sharp...but there is something else going on with it that makes images produced with the 300 DGX just not as appealing as those produced with the 1.4x TC III), as far as I can tell based on commentary and sample images those issues exist with the MC4 as well (and probably most/all other Kenko TCs).

If you don't really care about your background blur, the MC4 should be sharp enough, but it still doesn't seem to give the same kind of aesthetics to it's IQ as the Canon 1.4x TC III does.


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Re: Teleconverter advice
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Does anyone on this forum have experience with Kenko's mc4 model?

Sure, have a look at this Spotted Towhee shot:


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Re: Teleconverter advice
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