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Author Topic: Looking to replace my 5D Mark II with either the 6D or 70D. Please Help!  (Read 8127 times)


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Absolutely!  :) The 70D plus a 2.8/70-200 is superb for outdoor sports in its price range, if you can come close enough. The Zeiss will be stellar for portraits with not only the head but also with parts of the upper body, although I would consider the Sigma 1.4/50.  ;)
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Someone mentioned that if I go with the 70D that my L series lenses might not be a good choice with that camera. Does the 24-105mm 4.0 and the 70-200mm 2.8 not work well with the 70D? I also have a Canon 50 mm AF 2.5 macro lens I could use as well.

That was me. One of the criteria you added as an advantage of the 70D was its video AF. That particular feature will be a real let down if you stick with your L lenses (or any non STM lens):

As good as the 70D's video AF is, using it with anything but an STM lens will leave you selecting manual focus every time - USM lenses have AF which is far too fast for smooth focus, and the end result is choppy AF which not only looks bad, but gets loud as it stops/starts all the time:

Plus of course the angle of view will change with the crop, so your primes and zooms will all frame very differently. In other words, if you swap out your 5D mk II for a 70D, you'll also need to swap all your nice L lenses for cheaper, slower STM lenses to utilise it to its full potential.

Get a 6D, and you'll not lose out on any cutting edge features (or framing) you're paying for by sticking with your current lenses.

For stills and for manual focus video, the L lenses and the 70D are great. Just don't expect video AF to be anything you'd use in reality with USM lenses.
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