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5DII body price drop


Seems like the price of new 5DmkII bodies is rapidly dropping these days, mostly they are being branded as "outlet" models resulting from a mix up in box manufacture....not sure if I believe that as I'm sure it'd be better business to make a bunch of new boxes rather than drop 20'000 yen off the price.

I'm not grumbling whatever the reason, I ordered a new body from Fujiya camera for 159'800 yen. MAP has them for about 162'000 yen and Biccamera for 179'000 yen.

I've heard about the box mix-up indeed, there was a thread about it here on CR.
In Europe, the price went from around 1950 to 1700 euros in the last 2 months. I might grab one real soon ;)

I picked up my 2nd 5DmkII last week as the price had dropped about 100 Euro in a week, I checked the same place yesterday and the price had dropped another 20 Euro...the price continues to go down.


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