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I really promise I am not trying to start an argument, I am just curious from those folks who have enjoyed cameras with high dynamic range what they think about this image.  I took this at a recent wedding with my 5D3 and it was overexposed because I didn't get the settings dialed in just right from when they came out of a much darker church.  So with my limited DR capabilities of my 5D3 I was able to recover everything in the photograph to the point that it looks kinda bad.  Much like a bad HDR.  So with more DR would the image have looked better (less HDR like and more natural) or would I have just been able to overexpose it more and still be able to recover the details in the highlights?  The top is straight out of the camera and the bottom is with the highlight recover slider maxed out and the shadows bumped up.

Mt Spokane Photography:
This is one area where DXO seems to work well, download it and try it on the same image.  I did it to a image that was extremely difficult, and it amazed me.  It would have taken a lot of work to do it in lightroom.

Try setting the highlight slider to -100 then slowly move the exposure slider + way, watching the histogram as you go to bring the shadows back up. Once the histo reaches the right edge stop. This work for me and gives a more natural look. Avoid increasing the shadow slider too much. Also drop the clarity on this to -10 which gives a little more of a natural look.

If this was a landscape shot you might be OK but I think with people in the shot I process my shots with less clarity.

Your result is from bad post processing and has nothing to do with DR. It looks like you have held highlights despite direct sunlight and slight overexposure and shooting in jpeg.

The slight increase in latitude of the exmor type sensor allows for a little more extreme shadow recovery with less noise. When it comes to the highlight end there is little practical difference.

that's not a very hi DR scene, just a very bright and slightly overexposed one.
What ISO were you at for that?


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