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Canon EOS 5D Mark ii rebates?

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With the Canon printer bundle rebate now expired, anyone heard anything about additional rebates for bodies or packages?

I am looking at picking up my first DSLR and am planning on getting a 5D Mark ii setup. With the rumors of the Mark iii I was hoping that there would be some movement toward a rebate during the fourth quarter.

canon doesn't tend to release rebates based on our rumors (unfortunately!)

however, they do tend to run promotions twice yearly (summer and winter); the size of the promotion can vary greatly but there's usually something worth looking at.  the winter promotion actually ends up being more like springtime, so you're probably looking at a bit of a wait.

the 5d mark ii body is retailing at around $2500 right now, which is very reasonable, and if you get the 24-105 L kit, you're saving $200 off of buying the two separately.  if the 24-105 L doesn't float your boat, and you can afford to wait, I would say waiting to see which lenses/flashes/whatever come on rebate in 2011 isn't a bad idea.

in terms of a first DSLR, don't forget there's a lot of good options other than the 5D Mark II ... 550D, 60D, 7D ... all do slightly different things, and are worth checking out to see if you like them.

EDIT: saw someone else correctly state that winter rebates usually begin in October, not spring (that's the "summer" rebate).  so you don't have to wait that long to find out!

by the way, rebates are out for the winter ... and it looks like there's only discounts on the 7D and 60D


--- Quote from: kubelik on October 05, 2010, 10:34:25 AM ---by the way, rebates are out for the winter ... and it looks like there's only discounts on the 7D and 60D

--- End quote ---

That's for the bodies.  Usually there's a lens/flash rebate that starts in mid-late October.

The 5d2 is a fine camera, i love mine to bits, but do you have a need for full frame? If you are doing predominantly low light work or need very shallow dof then its a fine choice, however a 7d or even 60d (i havent used it, just going on the sensor) may be a better choice and allow you to invest more in better glass. It really depends what you want to use it for!
Canon had decent rebates on the 5d2 in the last round of rebates, seems like its not included this time, possibly because its already cut close to the bone as its at the end of its product cycle and competing with the d700 which is in a similar situation. I will probably get roasted alive but the d700 is another camera worthy of consideration, you are trading megapixels for autofocus capability basically between the 5d2 and d700.
When a 5d3 comes out it should be in the 3500 range, the 5d2 will get a little cheaper but not much. Used the 5d classic after all this time routinely goes for 1100. Best of luck!
oh and the 24-105 is a great lens!


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