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Author Topic: Metz 45 CT-5 and Canon 5D Mark 2  (Read 28761 times)

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Re: Metz 45 CT-5 and Canon 5D Mark 2
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Again, I don't encourage anyone to mess around with this without proper confirmation of what the individual unit puts out - and if it may be defective or not. However, I still believe that this has turned into an urban myth to some degree at least. The 5DII is rated at 250V. There may be some very old or uncommon units that exceed that.

The 250 volt figure appears in a online blog attributed to Chuck Westfall.  Note that older DSLR bodies have a low voltage rating, but a shutter redesign after the D30, D60, D10 and Digital Rebel, starting with the 20D raised the voltage.  So any newer body should be safe.

Chuck Westfall, Director/Media & Customer Relationship, Canon USA, advises as follows regarding the flash sync circuit of the EOS Digital Rebel XT (EOS 350D):

The EOS Digital Rebel XT uses a modified version of the EOS 20D's shutter unit. Consequently, acceptable trigger circuit voltage for both cameras is the same, i.e., 250 volts. Except for the original Digital Rebel, all current EOS digital SLRs (i.e., EOS-1Ds Mark II, EOS-1D Mark II, EOS 20D and EOS Digital Rebel XT) generate their X-sync signals electronically rather than mechanically. This is why they have higher acceptable trigger circuit voltage ratings than earlier models like the D30, D60, 10D and original Digital Rebel. These older models cannot be modified to achieve a higher trigger circuit voltage rating, since such a modification would require a different shutter mechanism as well as a complete redesign of the supporting circuitry.

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Re: Metz 45 CT-5 and Canon 5D Mark 2
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Re: Metz 45 CT-5 and Canon 5D Mark 2
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My two cents worth...

I have used Metz' and Canon EOS film bodies for years.  When I bought my first digital (XSi) I called Metz and asked if I could use my 60 CT-4's.  They told me "no", that the CT series was not recommended for digital cameras but the CL series was.  I ended up buying a 45 CL-4 with dedicated module and have had no problem with either flash or Canon body...

I would call Metz (201-818-9500) and ask them.  They have always been extremely helpful when I've dealt with them.  They will also tell you every part required to make a camera communicate with one of their strobes.  Lastly, they are a great source for spare parts and hard-to-get items.  They will probably answer that phone "Manfrotto" because they are handling Metz USA business now...

Hope this helps!
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Re: Metz 45 CT-5 and Canon 5D Mark 2
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For what it's worth, I had a few of those Metz 45 handlemount flashes when I was shooting film... I used them (with a hot shoe sync) on my film rebel way back when, 4x5's, medium format, etc... I even used and loved the 70 series handle mount and loved it with my rebel (film) until I got my 10D and realized it didn't work (ttl) with my 10D any more... Something about a change in the ETTL whatever... I sold the 70 series flashes and got the shoe mount MZ54 or was it 54mz.. something like that... It worked like a champ until I upgraded and got canon flashes for wireless sync... I still have a 45 series flash that I modified for UV florescent light but haven't really used it for years for a real photographic purpose but used to shoot it here and there with my 10D and 30D... I suppose there could be a voltage kickback but I never experienced anything, but it could have been blind luck...
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Re: Metz 45 CT-5 and Canon 5D Mark 2
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i post here my personal experience, i own two metz 45 ct-1, the oldest with a low serial number and the newest with an higher, i used both on my canon 5D mark 1, connected to the PC port directly with the metz original cable. When i need both i use a 5 euros chinese optical trigger to syncronize the second unit. May be i'm just lucky, but my camera have no problems at all.
I hope it will be the same for you, but this is just my experience.
About the synchro shutter speed, i use 1/200 or lowest, with 1/250 i obtain the tipical black bar on picture lower part.

The only official data i have on the Canon 5d Mark 1 pc port is from the original camera user manual, they say the maximum voltage we can apply to the PC port is 250V.

That's all folks! ;)

PS I made a mistake on registration form, so my username is now my email....
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Re: Metz 45 CT-5 and Canon 5D Mark 2
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