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Adorama is showing in stock for the following cameras.
* Canon S95 $399
* Canon G12 $499
* Canon SX30 $429
* Canon 60D Body $1099 The price watch pages have been updated with the new PowerShots. 60D Review Coming The M9 review was well received and I enjoyed doing it. I’m going to follow the same formula for the 60D review. Do not expect to see the review soon, I want to use the camera for a while and try to make good photographs with it. I’m debating whether to take it to Kenya with me in November. I might split the review into 2 parts, keep an eye out. Canon Rumors is Moving Canon Rumors is in the process of switching hosts, there could be a hiccup or two in the next couple of days. cr

I absolutely think you should take it to Kenya. Try as many different shooting scenarios as possible before you write the review.

that sounds like a really exciting review ... 60D in kenya!  what other bodies were you planning on bringing?  looking forward to reading what you discover

Samys in LA has the same, I picked up a G12 yesterday since I'd promised my G10 to a kid who really wants to get into photography as soon as its replacement was available.  Haven't done much with it yet, up to my ears in retouching three shoots now, and its pouring with rain here today, but I'll give it a spin this weekend and see how the images compare. Hope I didn't give away the better camera, but hey - a promise is a promise!

Just ordered the "absurd" SX30iS... U can never have enough zoom...   ::)


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